7 Questions Channel Chiefs Should be Asking About their Channel Sales Incentive/Loyalty Program


1.      Is your strategy to drive more revenue through the channel and less through the  direct sales force? 

This channel shift is a continuing and l partners changed?

Are you expecting a greater proportion of your revenue to come through sales channels? Are you recruiting additional partners and growing your overall partner organization? Have you shifted focus from SMB to enterprise or vice versa? Strategies change. Channel organizations need to be in sync with the strategy.  To optimize partner engagement and drive the kind of loyalty and revenue that results in partners consistently choosing to lead with your products; your partners must be inspired, educated, enabled, recognized and rewarded.  And it does not stop with launching a program by communicating it to the owner/manager of a sales partner.  Can you reach out to the sales reps directly, the ones ‘on the street’, and motivate them? Does your sales incentive and loyalty program, platform and services truly support your needs?


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