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According to a recent Gallup poll, 87%* of the global workforce is ready to walk off the job. This massive lack of employee engagement stems from a multitude of reasons, including: burnout, lack of appreciation, feeling unappreciated, a disconnect of priorities, and good old fashioned stress. Regardless of the reasons, employees that just don’t want to do their jobs anymore are the very definition of disengaged.

Engaging your employees is vital to your business survival, and will lead to higher productivity and lower employee and customer turnover. It is paramount to create a positive emotional connection between an employee, their work and their team. This will lead to greater job satisfaction, a more productive organization and improved business results. Engaged employees are also more committed to innovation, proactive in driving efficiency and building loyal long term customer relationships.

Invest in an employee engagement to recognize, reward and influence the achievement of results. Offer rewards that your team values. Your staff will remember their success for years to come and their engagement and loyalty will strengthen. And remember, an engaging workplace attracts and retains top talent and long term loyal customers.

What are the three key best practices for engaging your employees?
1. Align employee recognition with your values and strategy and reinforce desired behaviors;
2. Unify and build the power of your teams and realize the full potential of team members.
3. Measure engagement and alignment of values to guide organization development efforts.

It is important to recognize and reward employees for achieving their goals. Provide on-the-spot recognition for great work as an individual or a team, and share that recognition across your organization.

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