3 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement & Business Outcomes

improve employee engagement

Employee Engagement Matters

When you consider the impact of employee engagement on business outcomes, it's clear that employee recognition and engagement must be a priority - and not a short term project handed off so someone can checkmark the box.

Consider the impact...

In its February 2013 meta-analysis, spanning 263 research studies and over 1.3 million employees, Gallup found that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement, as compared with those in the bottom quartile, exhibited:

  • 21% higher productivity
  • 22% higher profitability
  • 41% higher quality
  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 37% reduced absenteeism

Faced with many priorities competing for limited time and resources, here are  -

Three Steps to Improve Employee Engagement and Business Outcomes

  • Your entire management team needs to share ownership of employee engagement - it's not the sole responsibility of HR. Your executive team should be asking - everyday - how can they make the organization a better place for their employees.
  • Establish key performance indicators for the business metrics that are critical to your success - customer satisfaction, product quality, response times, sales revenue, etc. Share these metrics with your employees in terms and context so they understand how their daily responsibilities can impact those metrics. Without a deep and personal understanding, you won't get the commitment.
  • Recognize performance regularly, frequently and significantly. Recognition should come from multiple levels across an organization. Consider the impact of peer level, manager level and executive level recognition. Done effectively, you improve your retention levels of your most valuable employees.

How does employee engagement measure up in your organization and what are you doing to improve it this year?


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